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More children cycling, more safely and more often has huge benefits. Itís healthy and itís fun, but itís necessary to learn how to do it safely.

Many adults will remember doing their Cycling Proficiency Test. Bikeability is the Cycling Proficiency Test for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on todayís roads. From spring 2007, thousands of children will have the chance to get the new Bikeability award in a national scheme which is rolling out across England.

To get their Bikeability award, children (and adults) will be instructed on how to ride their bikes to the Government-approved National Standard for Cycle Training, which sets out the training and skills essential for making cycling trips in todayís road conditions. The standard developed by over 20 organisations and maintained by the professional body for cycle training, the Cycle Training Standards Board. (Members of the CTSB are the UKís leading bodies in road safety and cycling, for a list see the appendix at the end of the booklet or visit By establishing a National Standard, the Government is setting out a nationwide uniform programme of formal training which will reassure parents that young people wanting to cycle have been instructed in the essential skills and procedures wherever they may live in England.

 The aim is to increase the numbers of children who receive quality cycle training by qualified instructors and to ensure that as many children and adults will be trained through schemes awarding Bikeability. The ultimate vision is that within five years no child should leave primary school (in England) without the opportunity to get their Bikeability training.

There are three Bikeability levels:

 Level 1


1. Level 1 is usually covered in a traffic free environment. By completing Level 1, you will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip and undertake activities safely in a motor traffic free environment and as a pre-requisite to a road trip

 Level 2

Covered on quiet roads but with real traffic conditions. By completing Level 2 you will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip safely to school, work or leisure on quiet roads

Level 3

3. Level 3 is covered on busy roads incorporating real traffic conditions and advanced road features. By completing Level 3 you will be able demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip safely to school, work or leisure on busy roads and using complex junctions and road features.

Bikeability is not just about teaching children to ride a bike and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to ride a bike safely throughout the rest of their life. Itís also about introducing them to cycling as an everyday activity Ė an alternative mode of transport, an enjoyable pastime, which brings a healthier lifestyle and ultimately lots of fun. Bikeability will give children a life skill that once theyíve learnt, they will never forget.

Visit the national Bikeability website by clicking on the link below:



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