Intra school virtual league competition

Intra-school competition is for many young people the perfect outlet for skills and knowledge they gain from physical education. It is also an opportunity to play and have fun with their friends and achieve something worthwhile. Engaging in intra-school competition will make a substantial contribution to a young personís school life and their five hour physical activity offer.


The purpose of the Virtual League is to give every school and every pupil an opportunity to take part in inter-school competition without leaving their respective schools.

The Virtual League concept has been specifically designed to support those schools who might struggle to attend sports festivals and inter-school competitions organised by their respective School Sport Partnership. The opportunity to get involved is of course open, accessible and readily available to all schools and without any associated costs.

The Benefit of taking part in virtual competition:

        Simple and easily accessible, to help your school increase Inter School Competition

        SSCO/ PLTs to send me the results of top 5 scores for each activity

        Hannah Manfield to update the website putting scores onto spread sheet

        Shield to be presented in assembly to the winning school

        Certificates will be available to download off the website and adapted to suit the activity and schools

        Downloadable score sheets will be available to print off and be displayed around the school

How?   Children to complete tasks/ challenges responsible child/ adult to write down    scores. Teacher to send results to Hannah Manfield to update onto the website.

Where?   At your school in the hall on the playground or grass.

When?    Whenever it suits you, completed before the end of the year.



For all templates, please click on the magnifying glass below:



Templates contents:



1) Code of conduct

2) Tasks

3) Score sheet

4) Badminton certificates

5) Crazy catch certificates

6) Curling certificates

7) Skipping certificates




9) Standards

10) Results sheets

11) Athletics certificates

12) Year 1-6 challenge certificates


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